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Completed by: Oliver

Welcome to your client feed area. We have built our own dedicated client feed area that allows us to easily keep you up to date with what we are doing to your website and any recommendations we have.

We have started on your project today so going forward we will be posting all work completed in this feed.

We have shared with you the password to the feed, please keep this safe.

Kind regards
Oliver Hill

TWS Client Portal

The Website Space wait time

Client suggested wait time

10 Business Days

TWS suggested wait time

7 Business Days

Techwise Support wait Time


4 Hours


8 Business Hours


2 Business Days


4 Business Days

Your Monthly SEO Hours

SEO Hours

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How it Works

All you need to do is refer a business or individual. The individual or business that you have referred will need to get in touch via email. It is important that they detail your information, either within the email or CC. It is as simple as that.

Website referrals

You can earn up to £250 for every website referral that goes ahead with The Website Space Limited.

Perfect for new and existing businesses. Especially for those looking to revamp or create a new website.

We want to reward those that contribute towards our word-of-mouth advertising. That is why we will give you 10% of the website cost up to £250 for every successful referral you make.

SEO referrals

You can earn up to £100 for every business you refer that goes ahead with SEO with The Website Space Limited.

Ideal for those looking for an increase in web traffic and sales. We do SEO for new and existing websites.

Referrals Terms

A Successful Referral is:

A business or individual that signs up to our Web Design/Development and/or SEO Services.

The company must currently be in businesses, currently trading, not insolvent, not bankrupt and has no outstanding county court judgements.

A company or individual that The Website Space has not worked with before.

Fully Completed means:

A company or individual that signed up to our Web Design/Development and/or SEO Services and paid the full balance of their quote.

Once the full balance has been paid. The business or individual that referred them will be paid by bank transfer.

The maximum paid for a website referral is £250.

If the client does not allow us to tell you their total website cost then The Website Space hold the right pay the company refering an amount bewteen £150 to £250.